It can be run again! That was the Frohnaulauf 2021

You could tell that all the participants were excited and sometimes excited that they finally started running again in competition mode. Until shortly before it was not clear whether the many preparations could really be implemented. But thanks to good preparatory work and the new regulation, the first real run in 2021 of the organizers of SC Tegeler Forst – and in Berlin in general – could take place on June 5th.

Around 400 active participants were registered to take the 5 km or 10 km route. The prescribed admission control went smoothly, the participants were well prepared and the weather meant it very well.

The starting gun was fired at 10:30 a.m. The start was in waves in order to be able to keep enough distance at the start and to pull the field of participants apart a little.

Mustapha el Ouartassy from Athletik-Club Berlin eV won the men’s 10 km in an impressive 32:13 minutes. In the women’s category, Anja Schwerin from KSV 90 Pankow won in 43:03 minutes. Susanne Lauer won the 5 km in 22:05 minutes, in the men’s category Paul Johnston from SCC Berlin won in 17:31 minutes.

After the run you looked into many exhausted but happy faces. There was also a medal waiting for everyone, which could also be engraved. A nice memory of the first “real” run in Berlin in 2021.

The There is a film about the run of Haupstadtsport.TV here and the Photos are now also online.

All other planned events this year are on to find.

Veröffentlicht am: 19.10.21