environmental mug

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The environmental cup With the folding cups offered for sale, we want to contribute to reducing waste = environmental protection. The compact size and light weight make it easy to take the mug with you wherever you go. When folded, the mug fits in any trouser pocket. You can use the cup at every sales [...]

Single registrant

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Single registrant You can't get a team together and still want to run? No problem, feel free to contact them on your own Single registration at. Individuals can also register for an existing team . Here it is very important that the spelling of the team name is identical, otherwise the system cannot make any [...]


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Einzelanmelder Ihr bekommt kein Team zusammen und wollt trotzdem mitlaufen? Kein Problem, dann meldet Euch gerne auch allein über die Einzelanmeldung an. Einzelne Personen können sich auch für ein bestehendes Team anmelden. Hier ist es dann ganz wichtig, dass die Schreibweise des Teamnamens identisch ist, sonst kann das System keine Zuordnung vornehmen! Hier ein Beispiel dazu: [...]


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Der Umweltbecher Durch die zum Kauf angebotenen Faltbecher wollen wir zur Müllreduzierung = Umweltschutz beitragen. Die kompakte Größe und das leichte Gewichts machen es einfach den Becher überall hin mitzunehmen. Im gefalteten Zustand passt der Becher in jede Hosentasche. Ihr könnt den Becher an jedem Verkaufsstand vor Ort benutzen und könnt damit noch mehr zur [...]

Contact form (for check-in for participants without a smartphone)

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For those who do not have a smartphone, you can download and fill out the contact form here. This must be handed in at the entrance and replaces the check-in with an app. Of course, the 2 G proof must still be presented at the entrance. Analog (i.e. vaccination book) is also possible. [...]

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Preparatory training with the professionals at IKK BB – free of charge

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The Brandenburg and Berlin Guild Health Insurance Fund (IKKBB) is planning to offer training every Sunday from June to November on the Tempelhof airfield and in the Volkspark Potsdam. The training is free for all participants. Experienced professional athletes from the IKKBB Racing Team, who adjust to your fitness level, are available for a varied [...]

Double starter

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Double starter (skating & running) Double starters need 2 different start numbers (1 per competition) and therefore have to book 2 starting places. We plan to give the double starters among you the opportunity to move into a transition zone tent in the start-finish area and to deposit your things. However, the current planning status [...]

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