The award ceremonies

  • From around 8:15 p.m. we will start with the award ceremonies for the top 3 female/male individual competition and the top 3 teams in the category running and skating.

The individual evaluation

  • We are looking for the fastest 3 women and men in the category: running, skating and wheelchair users.
  • All starters automatically enter the individual ranking.
  • Age groups are only assigned online.

The team ranking

  • Every company, every organization, every leisure and/or fun team is basically a team.
  • The team captains can form different teams within their company / organization or other teams.
  • A skate team consists of at least 3 skaters.
  • A running team consists of at least 3 runners.
  • Skate teams and runners teams are rated separately.
  • If different teams are formed within the company / organization, the 3 fastest are automatically rated as the fastest team in the company / organization.
  • Within companies / organizations as many teams as possible can be formed as long as the team has at least 3 participants.
  • If you register less than 3 skaters or runners, you will be included in the individual ranking
  • If a team consists of 4 or more participants, the 3 fastest participants will be counted.

The biggest company

  • Every year we look for the company with the most participants in the Berlin company run.
  • The company with the largest number of participants receives a great trophy.