environmental mug

The environmental cup

  • With the folding cups offered for sale, we want to contribute to reducing waste = environmental protection.
  • The compact size and light weight make it easy to take the mug with you wherever you go.
  • When folded, the mug fits in any trouser pocket.
  • You can use the cup at every sales stand on site and can thus contribute even more to avoiding waste and thus to environmental protection. So simply book when you buy the starting places.
  • A silicone cup is eco-friendly because it’s reusable, making it a convenient alternative to single-use cups.
  • Silicone is recyclable and that protects the environment!
  • They are made from 100% food grade silicone and stainless steel and are of course BPA free.
  • Silicone is not a natural raw material like wood, paper or leather, that is true. However, compared to conventional plastic products, silicone does not release any toxic substances into the environment.
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