Team registration by team captain

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Team Captain, what's my job? I motivate my colleagues and employees, the Berlin company run is team building at its best! Why take part? Strengthen team spirit Promote health Enjoy exercise Increase motivation Shirt and medal as a unique memory As a team captain, I take care of the registration for our company or my [...]

Conditions of participation

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With the purchase of the starting places, our conditions of participation are accepted. Please read the conditions of participation carefully and only complete the purchase if you agree to them. The team captain has to inform the team members about the conditions of participation. With his purchase confirmation, he confirms that he has informed all [...]

Finisher Shirt & Custom Shirts

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Your individual event shirt According to the motto: " Don't fall down, just stand out “Our partner promises ARTIVA SPORTS an exclusive running shirt in the design of your choice for all participating companies and running groups. The 100% CUSTOMIZED sportswear is produced 100% in Europe. Inquire here right away, An Artiva customer advisor will [...]

Participation fee

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The participation fee The staggered participation fees per participant in 2022: until December 31st €20.00 until January 31st €23.00 until February 28th €26.00 until March 31st €29.00 until April 30th €32.00 until May 31st €35.00 until June 17th €38.00 The participation fee includes the organization fee, the association fee and the entry fee. [...]


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The timing is done with the easy-chip from Davengo ( ). On the start number you will find the disposable chip that has to be attached to the laces of the running shoe. Without wearing the chip, there will be no time measurement and no entry in the list of results. Skaters do not [...]

Catering in abundance / target catering

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Eating and drinking, there is something for everyone From the currywurst with fries, vegetarian and other dishes, from sparkling wine to beer and wine, with a detour via punch and non-alcoholic drinks, we take care of the necessary to superfluous calorie intake on these days. There is a wide variety of food and drink options [...]

Start times

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The start times 7:00 p.m. skaters approx. 7:05 pm wheelchair and unicyclists, hand bikers, skate, wave and longboarders approx. 7:10 p.m. runners about 7:20 p.m. Walker

Skaters, skateboarders and longboarders, unicycle and wheelchair users

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Helmet compulsory Helmets are compulsory for skaters! Anyone who rides without a helmet endangers their own health and the insurance cover of their insurance company. Insurance coverage through the organizer does not exist! We strongly recommend wearing protective clothing. Time measurement in skaters Please remove the timing chip from the start number and attach it [...]

Finisher Medals

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Happy birthday, finisher medal for everyone In keeping with the anniversary, we have designed a new and very special finisher medal. At the 20th Berlin company run, every finisher will receive a medal (for free!)! Would you like to have your medal personalized? Then book the option for a medal engraving in the online registration [...]

Clothes and bags drop-off

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This year there will again be an opportunity to donate clothing and small bags to us. We will inform you of the location for the clothes rack here at least 3 days in advance Bags and clothing can be guarded on site by your own colleagues. Simply book your team tent for this, more information [...]

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