The participation fee

The staggered participation fees per participant in 2022:
until December 31st €20.00
until January 31st €23.00
until February 28th €26.00
until March 31st €29.00
until April 30th €32.00
until May 31st €35.00
until June 17th €38.00

  • The participation fee includes the organization fee, the association fee and the entry fee.
  • The organizational fee is €6 per starting place and will not be refunded if the event is cancelled.
  • The organizational contribution serves to cover the costs for the preparation of the sporting event, without which the sporting events cannot be realized for us, especially against the background of the unforeseeable consequences of the Covid-19 and / or other pandemics.
  • The association tax is € 0.50 per participant and is paid to the Berlin Athletics Association.
  • Funds obtained through the association tax are reinvested exclusively in sport and are therefore oriented towards the common good.
  • The entry fee is used to cover the approval procedures and implementation costs for the Berlin company run.
  • Additional income achieved with the entry fee is reinvested in our club work and other social projects and thus serve the common good.
  • The participation fees are exempt from sales tax according to § 4/22b UmStgesetz.