Helmet compulsory

  • Helmets are compulsory for skaters!
  • Anyone who rides without a helmet endangers their own health and the insurance cover of their insurance company.
  • Insurance coverage through the organizer does not exist!
  • We strongly recommend wearing protective clothing.

Time measurement in skaters

  • Please remove the timing chip from the start number and attach it to the shaft of your inline skate (see picture).

  • Important: Please make sure that you leave the wings of the easychip transponder free and do not fix them tightly to the skate or even tie them under your lacing.
  • Important: Please wear your start number clearly legible on your back during the entire race.
  • B. If these instructions are not observed, we cannot guarantee the rating!

Extra start for skaters

  • The skaters get the usual separate starting signal at 7 p.m.
  • The skaters are the first group to go out onto the track

Unicyclists and wheelchair users, skateboarders and longboarders

  • We also offer an extra starting signal for special means of transport.
  • We are happy about everyone who starts with a wheelchair, unicycle, skateboard or longboard, you are all very welcome!